The Conference for Video Engineers

October 23rd and 24th, 2019
The Midway, San Francisco, CA

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Why? Attend Demuxed

  • No paid content, ever.

    Speakers are selected by a committee of engineers that work across the industry so the talks are picked based on the submission, not how much money a company paid; we will never, ever sell a speaking slot. Attendee information isn't for sale either, and that includes any sponsors. Read more about the submission review process.

  • Affordable.

    We want anyone in the industry to be able to come, which means keeping tickets reasonably priced (thanks largely to our generous sponsors). We also offer free and discounted tickets to students and open source contributors, so please reach out if you're interested.

  • For everyone in the community.

    Our community is dedicated to providing an inclusive, enjoyable experience for everyone in the video industry. In this pursuit, and in keeping with our love for reasonable standards, we adopted the Ada Initiative's Conf Code of Conduct.

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38 Amazing speakers

  • Alexandria Shealy


    The “technical” in technical project management

    Talk Overview
  • Andrey Norkin


    AV1 at Netflix (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Andy Warman


    SMPTE ST 2110 - Highest Quality, Lowest Latency, Pro Video over IP

    Talk Overview
  • Ashutosh Agrawal


    Doing Server-Side Ad Insertion on Live Sports for 25.3M Concurrent Users

    Talk Overview
  • Ben Dodson


    Analyzing Video Metrics like Richard Feynman

    Talk Overview
  • Bryan Meissner


    Non-Standard Codecs With Standard WebRTC

    Talk Overview
  • Charles Sonigo


    Building an automated testing suite: How to gain confidence that your release will not break playback for any platform/player/OS/format combination (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Chris Ellsworth


    HEVC Upload Experiments

    Talk Overview
  • Christopher Kennedy


    The magic of Human Visual System perception

    Talk Overview
  • Gary Katsevman


    Japanese Captions

    Talk Overview
  • Guido Meardi


    A paradigm shift in codec standards: MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC, higher quality with any codec, maintaining decoder compatibility

    Talk Overview
  • Haixia Shi


    Adventures with VP9 (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Izzat Bahadirov


    LiTr (LinkedIn Transformer) - and open source library to transcode and modify video on Android

    Talk Overview
  • Javier Brines Garcia


    The do's and don'ts about Streaming security - Confessions from a signal hacking expert

    Talk Overview
  • Jean-Baptiste Louazel


    Building an automated testing suite: How to gain confidence that your release will not break playback for any platform/player/OS/format combination (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • John Saxton

    Amazon Web Services

    Designing for Live Stream Failure with Seamless Switching (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Josh Tidsbury


    Apple Low-Latency HLS Update

    Talk Overview
  • Konstantin Wilms


    Large-Scale Media Archive Migration to the Cloud

    Talk Overview
  • Kyle Boutette


    Edge Compute

    Talk Overview
  • Liwei Guo


    AV1 at Netflix (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Lucas Pardue


    There and back again: reinventing UDP streaming with QUIC

    Talk Overview
  • Marina Kalkanis

    M2A Media

    The challenges of deploying Apple's Low Latency HLS In Real Life

    Talk Overview
  • Michael Hill


    A Stateless Service for Audio Processing

    Talk Overview
  • Nick Chadwick


    Super Resolution: The scaler of tomorrow, here today!

    Talk Overview
  • Richard Fliam


    Objectionable Uses of Objective Quality Metrics

    Talk Overview
  • Roderick Hodgson

    Amber Video

    Is now the time to solve the deepfake threat?

    Talk Overview
  • Rufael Mekuria

    Unified Streaming

    CMAF and DASH-IF Live ingest protocol

    Talk Overview
  • Ryan B Harvey


    Modeling the conceptual structure of FFmpeg in JavaScript

    Talk Overview
  • Sahil Budhiraja


    Reinforcement learning for ABR

    Talk Overview
  • Sarah Allen


    RTMP: web video innovation or Web 1.0 hack… how did we get to now?

    Talk Overview
  • Sebastiaan Van Leuven


    A/B user testing when your CDN cache messes with your results

    Talk Overview
  • Shawn Przybilla

    Amazon Web Services

    Designing for Live Stream Failure with Seamless Switching (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Steve Robertson


    JavaScript? In *my* native video app's core streaming library? It's more likely than you think.

    Talk Overview
  • Te-Yuan Huang


    QoE Impact from Router Buffer sizing and Active Queue Management

    Talk Overview
  • Ty Bekiares


    Edge Transcoding

    Talk Overview
  • Will law


    Three Roads to Jerusalem

    Talk Overview
  • Zachary Cava


    Scalable Per-User Ad Insertion in Live OTT

    Talk Overview
  • Zen Xu


    Adventures with VP9 (joint talk)

    Talk Overview

Demuxed Schedule

Our Schedule

We take our talk selection and schedule-building process very seriously. This year we received over 150 talk submissions, and 29 individuals from across the online video industry reviewed those (anonymized) submissions for a total of over 2900 reviews. A smaller group from that committee then took those aggregated reviews and helped pick the very best schedule possible, optimizing for talks that are relevant, interesting, and diverse.

Keep in mind, the individual session times and their order are subject to change, so make sure to check back here for any updates.

Lightning indicates a 10 minute talk.

After party!

This year's after party kicks off at 6pm Thursday right at the conference venue. Space is limited, so as much as we'd love for friends and colleagues to join us, please keep hold of your badge for the evening.

Venue & location

The Midway, SF

The Midway is a new, multifaceted creative complex, located in San Francisco’s burgeoning Dogpatch neighborhood. Equal parts creative laboratory and performance space, The Midway is a sprawling 40,000 square-foot venue for the public to engage with a variety of exhibitions, workshops, performances and special events. Housing art, food, music & emerging technologies under one synergistic and collaborative roof, The Midway is the perfect place for San Francisco’s creative communities to collide.

Demuxed conference

About Demuxed

Demuxed is simply engineers talking about video technology. After years of chatting about video at the SF Video Technology Meetup, we decided it was time for an engineer-first event with quality technical talks about video. Our focus has traditionally been on content delivered over the web, but topics cover anything from encoding to playback and more!

Yeah but who are you?

Most of the organization and work behind the scenes is done by folks from Mux (Demuxed came first ☝️) but none of this would be possible without amazing people from the meetup.

Every year we get a group together that's kind enough to do things like schedule planning, help brainstorm cool swag, and, most importantly, argue heatedly over which talk submissions should make the final cut.

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  • Stackpath
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  • Fastly
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  • Vimeo
  • Wowza


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Conference organizers

  • Mux